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* Technical Assistance?

* Procurement  Information?

* Bid Assistance?

We are here to help your business!


We utilize the knowledge of our members and partner agencies to facilitate training on industry trends, best practices and data for our members. We understand everyone does not learn the same way; so we employ such means as Coaching, Peer networking, One on one and web training.

Access to Capital

Capital to start or improve your business is important to any growth in the black community. WSBCC work with Financial institutions to provide training and access to capital.


The WSBCC understand that we must all do our part to ensure that Black business owners are protected. We also understand that ensure open lines of communication between all political affiliations best serves the black community. We will advocate approach all issues understanding a bipartisan approach will yield the most success.


Because I work for myself I really appreciate all the business advice The Black Chamber provided.
John D.- landscaper
When you have a family you want a professional advice that is clear and doesnt rush you the Black Chamber really helped me understand the business process.
Linda- Designer

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